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Tobias Dorzon

Executive  Head Chef Tobias Dorzon’s love for food stems from cooking in the kitchen with his West African father during his childhood. His father traveled from West Africa and raised Tobias in Maryland where he was able to immerse his upbringing and culture into nurturing his culinary skills.

His ability to create technically prepared dishes with a homestyle twist without compromising the flavor truly speaks to his passion and creativity for the perfect conditions to enjoy a delectable dinner.

With his Italian training and love for all regions of food, he wants to bring something unique and inviting back to his hometown. It’s more than food on a beautiful menu at a decadent restaurant!

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Guest Experience

Our staff is responsible for serving as food tour guides to support the ambiance of Huncho House which includes offering palate cleansers, and a complimentary glass of champagne upon seating. We want our guests to feel like they are experiencing the gentle forestry of Sicily, Italy while exploring the rivers and wildlife through our sushi, cold bar, and handcrafted menu. Our Huncho House staff have been hand-picked and put into positions that highlight their skills and ensure the best guest environment for you!

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